Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cute Pics of the Month

We went out to eat at Bruno's one night and Tommy took a seat on an old school Purdue bench.

 I think this is a raspberry kiss pic.  Probably sounds like Donald Duck if you could hear this picture. :)

I've been experimenting with Halftone, a comic book creating app.  I'm still not very good at it but it sure is fun.

 Look at that stud posing in a race car at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

 This picture just cracks me up.  What an adorable little boy.

Taking a ride with Grandpa on the lawnmower.

 This picture really cracks me up.  What a goofball.

Thornburg Family Get-Together

Last weekend, we drove up to Syracuse to see a significant portion of the Thornburg family.  It was great! Andrew's aunt flew in from Colorado.  Andrew's uncle and aunt came down from Michigan. We all met at the Channel Marker for dinner to gather and celebrate. We had an awesome reason to celebrate... 
 Andrew's sister Erin and Doug got engaged! Hooray! We are so happy for these two!

I totally bogarted these pictures from Facebook, obviously.  Sorry, Erin. :) Hope you don't mind! But CONGRATS!! :) 

 So we gathered at the restaurant to eat, drink and be merry.
Tommy met some of these family members for the first time!

He loved playing with his cousins (second cousins? twice removed, once over easy cousins? No clue).

 We took some family pictures by the lake.

 Here are all the siblings together.  Tommy's Pop, John, Jenny and Jill

 Here's Gram, Pop and Tommy who's not too sure about getting his picture taken.

This one is a little better.

Here's the only Thornburg immediate family pic (along with Eli) for which we obviously were not ready.

Tommy loves boats so he led dada onto the pier and tried to get on some stranger's boat.  He knows what he wants I guess. :)

 After dinner, we went to Jenny's house to play and have dessert.  Tommy was thrilled with Pop pushing him around on the trike.

 Then Pop pushed Tommy on the swing...

 Then he pushed him on another swing! I bet Pop was tired!

We finally convinced Tommy to come inside. Aunt Jenny bought his favorite, veggie chips, so he munched on those.  


 Aww, sweet moment with Gram.

Then it was time to play Cookie Cop with Lydia.

Tommy had such a great time seeing family this weekend.  We were so glad we were able to make it to see everyone.  Especially when we have something so exciting to celebrate.  Congrats again to Erin and Doug!

It's Been a Year?

It was a year ago yesterday that I started my job at my new office.  I took this picture when I had to bring Tommy to the office my first week.  He was just learning how to sit up by himself at that time.  Look at how very little he was at that time.  
 My tiny little bald baby.  It was such a stressful summer at my new job while living at my parents getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make it to work while trying to sell a house in South Bend but he was always my stress reliever at the end of the day.  I got rid of the stresses at work, we sold our house, and now I can occasionally get up at 7 am and still make it to work on time. :)  We overcame!! All thanks to this little guy.
He's not so little anymore.  He's a big boy with lots of hair now! He's grown up SOOOOO much in a measly little year.  I love to go back and look at how much he has changed.  Happy one year anniversary of a big change in our lives!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Most Sour Popsicle on the Block

I don't think this video needs an introduction.

I don't believe I have one single picture of him actually enjoying himself eating this popsicle.

I promise you he was enjoying it and kept going back for more.  Wow, is his sour face cute or what?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day 2012

On the morning of Father's Day, we were still in the hotel in Syracuse (read more in the post below) so we went to breakfast with Gram and Pop.  We tried to go to Cool Beans but it was raining so all the boaters were filling up the place.  Boo.  So we went to McDonalds instead which is an excellent alternative.  Maybe not so much for Tommy with all the cheese and eggs but that's why we brought an entire cooler of food for him for the weekend.  :) 

After we ate breakfast we went back to the hotel to pack up our stuff. Gram, Pop, and Tommy hung out in the breakfast room while we loaded the car.  Tommy gave Pop his Father's Day card and marveled at the noise-making dog in the card. :) 
 Are you kidding me? The dog is mowing the lawn in that card??? Awesome!
 Wait, wait, wait, let me see it again.

 After breakfast, we drove home.  Tommy played in his duck.  Kiddo is having a great time!

 That night, we took my dad to McAllister's for dinner for Father's Day.  How cute are they walking in together?

 Tommy LOVES McAllisters.  He does a lot of business lunches there.... with Elmo. :)

 We ordered Tommy a kid's meal (because they have an allergy menu that we could check). He dove right in to his plain turkey sandwich.  We had to cut the crust off but he loved it.

Then as we were getting ready to go home, we decided to take Tommy to Chuck E Cheese just to see what it was like.  It was going to need to be a very quick trip because we forgot the diaper bag.  Yikes.
 We walked in the door and Tommy literally filled his diaper on the sight of the giant mouse.

The giant mouse, also known as Chuck, was about to perform a song.  Tommy loves to dance so he joined right in...

That is, until those crazy kids starting shouting.  :)

 We then went straight to the kid's section and went on pretty much every ride.  It was late Sunday night so hardly anyone was there, thank goodness.  Also, the rides were probably about 30 seconds long which was perfect for a 18 month old's attention span.
 His favorite! A carousel!

 I think this was a firetruck.  It didn't matter what it was.  He loved it anyway!

 There was also this weird ride.  It kind of freaked him out but he still wanted to ride it.  He also wanted to stop after being on it for 5 seconds.

 Tommy helped Dada win some tickets playing this football game.

 Grandma helped win some tickets by playing skeeball.

But most of our tickets were collected from the manager basically "making it rain" Chuck E Cheese tickets all over the place.  It was so freaking awkward to pick up the tickets after he threw them just from the awful thought of what making it rain actually is.  Eww.  But apparently this is a thing. I had no idea (with music).  This is my favorite one though because good ol' Chuck "do the dougie" too.

 Once we were finally done collecting all our tickets, Grandma and Grandpa ran them through the ticket counting machines.  (I swear, the things grandparents do for their grandkids.) We ended up with 101 tickets!! Holy cow!
 With 101 tickets, we got an awesome nerf launcher (that probably cost Chuck E about 5 cents to buy).

He had some trouble learning how to use it.

 Not only did we come home with a nerf rocket launcher, but we also came home with printed out pictures from one of Tommy's rides.  For just a quarter! What a deal! :)
So anyway, Father's Day was great! Tommy made this cute picture for Dada at daycare.  Awww, he's such an artist.  It looks just like him!

Tommy is so lucky to have such an amazing father and two amazing grandfathers in his life and not very far away.  Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tommy's First Wedding

Last weekend, Tommy experienced a couple firsts. Early Saturday morning the local mega church near our house was hosting a 10K race.  It was going to literally run right by our house.  Tommy loved watching the people run by. 
 We came out a little late so the race was pretty sparse by the time we could wave at all the runners.  But Tommy waved to his little heart's content.
 One of the runner's cracked me up.  We live on a hill and as she ran by she said, "Loooord, help me noooow!" It's a tough hill and a church 10K.  Makes sense.
 Tommy made all the runner's jealous by riding his bike around the driveway. Brutal, Tommy!
 He had a great time playing outside with mama.  What a little Tommy Frog.  Check out his awesome farmer's tan by the way.

After we had enough sun, we played on the new furniture on the back porch. 

While we were playing, we saw our friendly neighborhood deer.  

We realized the deer was a she when her baby showed up to meet her.  

 The baby settled into a nice little spot and stayed there for the rest of the day.

 Close-up! The little fawn was just chilling.

We decided that spaghetti sounded terrific for lunch. Tommy thought it tasted terrific. 

After his nap, we headed up to Tommy's first wedding.  Tommy spent most of the drive on his phone. 

 When we got to the wedding, Tommy was a bit overwhelmed at first but he eventually got used to the loud music.  He had an awesome time with Pop.

 Hi-five for Aunt Erin!!

Can you see Tommy's awesome plaid shoes? Andrew picked those out.  He got so many compliments on them.

 The wedding was super cute.  It was in the boonies and it was classic country.

I loved the twine and lights around the railing.

The ceremony was outside so they made the programs into fans.  Great idea!

 The main color of the wedding was yellow.  There's the groom chit chatting with Andrew and Doug.

You can't see the girls' yellow bridesmaids dresses but they were so cute.

 Tommy got to play ball with his friend Addi.  A Purdue football for two future Boilers? Of course!

 Tommy had a great time at the wedding.

 But he really loved playing outside.  He's a rock climber!

King of the mountain!

 He was excited when he found this golf cart.

 He had to take a moment to rest his head on the steering wheel.
Then it was back to driving action! 

When he got tired of the golf cart, it was time to drive Pop's car! Whee! 
 We tried to get him to go to sleep on the drive from the wedding to the hotel but it didn't work.

 We tried to get him to go to sleep in the hotel room...

But Tommy did NOT want to go to sleep.  He is all business all the time! Toy business! 

He was very wound up from the wedding. He had the hardest time going to sleep.  He rolled around and talked and just avoided sleep like the plague.  He eventually fell asleep around midnight.  We were exhausted the next day.  But we all had a wonderful time at the wedding. 

Congrats Joe and Kate! We hope you had as much fun as we did! 
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