Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

FI have a lot of pictures.  I'm not kidding.  I have waaaaaayyy too many.   I've been taking pictures since..... since.... (Kanye reference) Prince was on Apollonia, since OJ had Isotonas, don't act like I never told ya... 

Anyway, I'm always looking for new ways to use these thousands of pictures.  Well today I found some "new ways".  MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Brian gets locked in the bathroom.

It wouldn't be a Monday without a Brian story, right? But this time it's not about barf.
Nope, Brian's latest trick is to get himself locked in the bathroom.  He walks in to see if the lid is up so he can drink from the toilet, then the door closes behind him, and he can't figure out how to open it.  By trying to open it, he closes and latches the door and then is stuck in the bathroom in the dark until we come home.  The funny thing is he doesn't make a sound! Normally when he is put in a room, he howls like he's being tortured and he scratches and gnaws at the door.  But in the bathroom he doesn't make any noise, he just stands completely still and maybe lets out a whimper.  Whenever we can't find him, we now know where to look. We let him out, he runs around the house like he's running from a collector (Gaga reference) and then forgets what just happened.  Oh and there's always very little water left in the toilet, of course. 
I'm not kidding when I say he has locked himself in the bathroom almost 10 times.  You would think he would learn.  But no, if you watch the video, he starts to head back into the bathroom and then remembers and runs back out.  But I'll bet you when I come home from work tomorrow, he'll be locked in there again.


riday night Andrew and I went to B-dubs downtown to watch the Purdue vs. Duke game.  We hoped for a miracle that night but sadly Purdue couldn't match the height and depth of Duke's team.  Crap bag!! (You know I wiki-ed this hoping to come up with THIS Friends reference but instead the first thing that came up was THIS. GROSS. Someone wrote something up for that. Really really gross.)  But we did have a fantastic time with friends that night despite the loss and the last game we'll see Kramer play as a Boiler.  :(  We still celebrated one heck of a season from the Boilers despite all the ups and downs they had.

Celebrate we did...

You can see our superstitions in these pictures.  Andrew isn't wearing Purdue gear because Purdue won the last two games when he wasn't wearing Purdue shirts.

I'm wearing my lucky Purdue sweater with makeup smeared on the collar.  Yep, there has to be makeup smeared on the collar for it to be lucky.  But evidently it wasn't lucky enough.  Sad.

We also had a dance party after the game.  I wish we took pictures of the Running Man and the other sweet moves we had.

Then there was singing...

Purdue lost but there was singing and dancing? It was a great night.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Women, Big Talent

Last night Andrew and I went to see Wawasee High School's presentation of Little Women. Andrew's mom Cyndi spent many, many hours as the director putting this play together and her hard work paid off. Granted having never read Little Women, all I knew about it I learned from Friends when Joey read it. So going to this play I knew Jo was a girl, Laurie was a boy, and Beth dies. (I was worried because I knew I couldn't put the play in the freezer when Beth wasn't doing so well!) But the play was fantastic! Congrats, Cyndi! What a success!!

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Monday, March 22, 2010


We are really going to miss you, Kramer.

Purscrewed Your Bracket

This weekend was a pleasant one.  First of all, the weather predictors were wrong.  We did NOT have a wintry mix of weather.  Saaaweet.  Second of all, we were somewhat productive.  Congrats to the Thornburgs for not bathing in their own filth for the two days they are off work.

First the unproductive stuff: We filled out our brackets to get ready for March Madness, or Demented Deportivos, or Goofy Games, or Basquetbol Loco, or Fruitcake Physical Activity. Have I gone too far? 

Anyway, it's Thornburg tradition for Drewfus and I to fill out brackets and compete against each other.  Right now, after the first weekend, I'm winning by one.

Yikes, I almost picked UTEP instead of Butler.  Had to put this up because I'm impressed that I didn't screw that up.

Some weird black square showed up when I posted this picture above.  It was weird because it covered up one of Andrew's words.  It says, "_____ the Big East."  Hmmm... I wonder what he wrote. He wrote it several times on his bracket. Probably something like, "ADORE the Big East."  Yeah, that's probably it.

Here we are watching our brackets fall apart at the bar.  But that's okay because I LOVE a good story.  (That's only because I don't have any money riding on my bracket. Then I might care.)

This the bottle in which they served Andrew's Bud Light. Pretty sweet huh?

Now on to more productive things...
We painted the last room in the house.  Or at least started to paint it.  There will be another post about this when it's finished.

My parents came to visit on Saturday.  We went to Main Street Grill in Mishawaka for dinner.  Mmmmmm. You would never believe it but a salad with almonds, oranges, red peppers, goat cheese and mango ginger dressing was absolutely amazing. Yum-o.

Yes, I'm that girl that makes the waiter take a picture.

On Sunday, since my parents brought their truck, we took advantage of that and the sales at Target and got some patio furniture.

CAN'T WAIT to sit out on our deck this summer! Who's ready to come over for party?
While I was taking pictures of our furniture, Andrew was playing basketball so I snapped a couple pictures.

Here's Andrew chasing after a missed shot.  Heeheeeheeee. EDITOR'S NOTE: Andrew wanted me to let you know that he DID NOT miss that shot.  He made it.  And it was awesome.

Andrew is doing his best Kramer impression here.  Looks a little more like Lord of the Dance though. :) Just kidding, Andrew! But make note of the new PURDUE basketball!! Perfect shot!

Speaking of basketball, how many of you Purdue fans were jumping and screaming in your living rooms at about 8 o'clock on Sunday?  What a game. Great weekend. 

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

First signs of SPRING!!

A real flower! I feel like I haven't seen a flower since a white guy was president. 

Daffodil buds! So exciting!

Of course, as soon as I pay attention to them, Brian decides they are his new Elimination Station.  What a jerk.  Oh, you like Daffodils? Now they are dumpodils.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Brian doesn't like it when Purdue loses.

Well it's Monday so you know what that means? A Brian BARF post.  Yay. 
I really don't know what Brian is doing to make him barf before I get home from work on Monday but it's got to stop. 
Actually I have an idea from this weekend if you watched the Purdue game on Saturday.  Maybe that's why he spewed.  I don't know.  But it's Brian. Never put a good Monday Barf past him. 

Irish I Was Drinking Still

What a F-U-N weekend! We spent our first Irish Weekend in Fighting Irish Country.  Downtown South Bend had a tent party on Friday night where we spent approximately 2.5 minutes.  We arrived at the tent party, paid $5 to get in, then promptly left to go to a bar that had TVs to watch the Purdue game.  Whoops.  We did plan to go back, I promise, but it was SO packed we couldn't get back in.  Sadface.

But Buffalo Wild Wings was still fun.

 We went with our neighbors Tom and Jenny. Seriously, with pictures like the one below, why would they want to hang out with a couple of weirdos like us??

They are so normal and we are soooo not. :) Jenny's brother Brian and his future wife Tricia were there and also very normal.  What's wrong with us? Why can't we take a normal picture?

Anyway, we watched the Purdue game on the B-dub Projector Screens (which are really hard to take a picture of).

We won this game but it was a little nerve-wrecking so instead of watching the end, I averted my eyes and went with Jenny to play songs on the jukebox.  We played Livin' on a Prayer and Don't Stop Believin'.  (Yep, neither uses the letter G.) The first song started just as Purdue won the game so we of course cheered for the Purdue win.  As we're cheering, THIS GUY...

(the one who's hiding behind the gray-haired guy)

yells at us from 3 tables away, "IT'S NOT THAT GOOD OF A SONG!"
Nicely done, dude.

Then a couple of Super Fun Self-Proclaimed Cougars showed up and sat with us at our table before we left.

Tom and Andrew were big fans and the ladies felt the same way.

Here is a man in a wolf shirt and super tight jeans.

Just thought you'd like to see.
That wasn't the only interesting character we saw.  There was this guy...

Yep, not really sure about him either.

After B-Dubs, we went to Club NOMA.  (Their website needs to be updated a little.) This club was quite interesting.  They had a VIP area which you see behind me in the picture below.

I'm trying to make an I'm-making-fun-of-the-VIP-section face but it's mostly just scary.
Club Noma freaked us out a little bit.  First of all, we sat a booth where you could only get Bottle Service.  That wiki site is totally correct on the markup... unless you consider $90 for Smirnoff Vodka to be appropriately priced.  WOW. 
So yeah, this little club is little bit out of place with the rest of the bars downtown.  Look, they even had a DANCING GIRL!! WHAT?

We are in South Bend, no? I give them props for trying.  We still had a GREAT time though so I give them credit. 

For the nightcap, we made our way to...

We went to Corby's one time before with Andrew's friend Jake who took us on a tour of South Bend when we first moved here.  It was packed when we went this time.  Wow.  We couldn't MOVE.  But it was still fun.

Look at how much fun we're having! (Tricia, Morgan, Jenny)

Tom, I don't think those are twist-off! Don't worry, I did the same thing. Ouch. They should put a warning on those or something.

This pretty much sums up the night. 

Indeed, Bushmills... indeed.  

Monday, March 8, 2010

Brian doesn't like it when Andrew leaves.

With Andrew's new promotion, he's been traveling a lot more for work.  When I get home from work and Andrew doesn't come in the door shortly after I do, Brian barfs.  This is becoming a habit that I do not enjoy.

I made Brian pose by the prize he left for me.  Look at him! He totally meant to do that! Why does he torture me?

Saturday Night's Alright (For Eating at Don Pablo's )

I went home this weekend to see some family and celebrate my aunt and grandma's birthdays.  As is the family tradition when I see my nieces, I must take their pictures and they must take mine.
So.... on with the show...

Here's Lilli before she began her chemistry experiment on a glass of water with salt, pepper, hot sauce and limes.

She flits, she floats, she fleetly flees, she flies...

She is the walrus. Goo goo g'joob. 

Looks like we have a little mini Photobomber on our hands, huh? :)

Surprisingly, Photobombette was able to get a picture of me with my iPhone. The kid has no problem with technology. 

Oh yes, of course.  The whole reason we went to Don Pablos was to see Grandma and Aunt Debbie in SOMBREROS!! ¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Yii-hah! Tacos! Burritos! Enchiladas!!!!

Grandma looks beyond thrilled.

After a tasty meal, we went to Igloo Frozen Custard for ice cream.  As it turns out, we weren't the only ones visiting Igloo.  This car was parked next to us.

Strange things are afoot at the frozen custard... 

Are you kidding me? These people exist?
Indiana Ghost Doctors

They've been to Moody Road in Rensselar! They're trying to debunk that story.  I'll debunk THEM!

Purdue's Senior Night

Last week we were lucky enough to SCORE tickets to the Purdue vs Indiana basketball game.  (See how I did that? Used the word "score" to talk about sports? Yeah, my English teacher would be proud.)  Anyway, we scored really great tickets to MY first Purdue/IU basketball game ever.  I have been following this team pretty darn closely (for a girl with a huge lack of sports knowledge) since these seniors were freshmen.... before Kramer was hot... before they were known as the "Baby Boilers".  It feels like longer than a few years.  But as you can tell, I was very excited to see this game.

Here is a shot of Kramer threatening to HULK SMASH the basketball if Purdue doesn't win.  Luckily we did.  That would have been a mess.  :)

Here's the team discussing the new cast of Dancing with the Stars.  Kramer likes Ochocinco but Hart is a little worried for Erin Andrews.  JJ is wondering why Kate Gosselin is still allowed to be on tv. 

These Paint Crew signs are genius.  (Kramer - Greater Than - Chuck Norris)

While we're talking about Kramer, why don't we do a quick "Kramer is hot" montage...

Yes, I made that.  No, I do NOT have too much time on my hands.
This video was brought to you by Cougars for Kramer.
Personally my favorite player is E'twaun. 

He's just so darn cute. Here he is with Robbie. Aww!

Andrew refused to let me take our picture so I took one of myself.

He said we would have his dad take one of us after the game. Do you see a picture like that in the empty space below???

No you do not.  But at least I took one of me. :)

Some people we saw at the game that are worth mentioning...
Ron and my dad...

and Stephen Colbert...

It was Senior Night. Did I mention that? They put Mark Wohlford in at the end of the game and this is the only picture I got.

MARK! This is a family blog.  JEEZ!

Purdue fans LOVE Chris Kramer.  He got the longest standing ovation out of all the Seniors, plus a bromantic hug from his buddy and fellow Senior, Keaton Grant.

Here's the team and the Paint Crew at the end of the game. 

It was definitely a great night for Boiler basketball.  I'm going to miss those Seniors next year.  Who are the Cougars going to look at now?

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