Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Charlotte is 10 Months Old!

Time goes so fast but this month went especially fast. I feel like I just posted for her 9 month update.  Where did the last month go? 
Well Charlotte is 10 months old now.  She's getting so big so fast.  I went to look at Tommy's monthly updates and I noticed he changed and developed quite a bit between 10 and 11 months (probably because he started walking) so I'm interested to see if she does too.

Outtake! She was NOT in the mood for pictures.  Tommy helped out by giving her a veggie straw.

 She doesn't like to sit still.  She's always on the mood.  I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when she starts walking.

 She's definitely trying!! She loves walking with Tommy's old push toy or pretty much anything that will hold her up.

Hi Dada! Yes, that's The Hobbit in the background. :)

 Oh hey, look! It's Charlotte refusing to go to bed! Sometimes she decides she is NOT tired in any way and will party until 11 or 12.  What a stinker. :)

Oh hey, she's sleeping! What a sweetie.  

So what's new with Charlotte? Well she loves swinging!
In reference to her milestone picture, she got a new tooth on the top left recently.  I think the top right one is coming in soon too.  They are coming in fast! Faster than Tommy's anyway. :)
She loves to laugh at everything.  I've never heard so many baby laughs.  I just adore her and her laughs.
She is a fast crawler.  She is quick to get into anything and everything.  She has lots of exploring to do and she is wasting no time.
She is an excellent eater.  She will eat anything you put in front of her.  It is so weird to be able to feed her anything, especially whatever I'm eating.  Her new thing is to smash whatever she's about to try.  She just smushes it up and then sometimes it ends up in her hair! Fun stuff!
She is getting really good at standing unassisted.  She can stand from a sitting position, squat down like she's following a Jillian Michaels video, and then stand back up.  It's very impressive!

I was impressed that she knew what to do with these shades.  She handed them to me to put on her and then looked at me like "Check me out!"  She cracks me up.

Look at those adorable cheeks.  Happy 10 Months, Charlee Bean! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Wawasee Trip 2014

Way back in September of last year, you might remember another event where a lot of Thornburgs were able to get together.  That's where the planning for this trip began! 

 These are the people who put this all together.  Andrew's dad and his siblings wanted to get the whole family together like they did back in the day and enjoy time on the lake.  Andrew found the house and the rest is history.

 So a family reunion was planned! Andrew's Aunt Jenny made shirts for everyone and we got a family picture.

 We had a full house! 

 Here's the full house we stayed in for the week.  We moved in on the 4th of July.

 We started swimming right away.  Oh no! Don't squirt Pop!!

 Andrew did his best dolphin impression.

 We were able to watch Andrew's friends in their sailboat race.

 Tommy loved the sun and water.

 So did Charlotte but she got a lot less of it.

 Andrew's parents rented a pontoon boat and we took it out every day.  We did canon balls and flips off the boat.  Andrew's an expert. :)

 I jumped off too but you don't need to see a picture of that.

 Sunset family pictures!!

 The sunsets were pretty incredible over the lake.

Baby kiss pose!

 Another one!

 Family picture.  Thank you, Charlotte, for throwing the bird for everyone.  She is OBSESSED with her middle finger.  What a stinker.

Here's another family picture in front of the house.

 These pictures are a bit out of order so just bear with me.  Here's Charlotte looking adorable in her 4th of July outfit.

We had beautiful views out of the windows of our bedroom.  Check out the beautiful sky and lovely lake.

 Here's the view at sunset.  Love it!

 But not so great for sleeping.  There were no curtains in the whole room.  Tons of windows.  Plus it didn't get dark until 10ish.  So this is what bedtime looked like through the monitor for us.  It didn't go well, as you can tell.

 Tommy and Charlotte loved, loved, LOVED spending time with their cousins. :)
 They are too cute!

 Hey a picture of just the two of us! Nice! :) And right before the fireworks.

 BOOM! Oooooohhh aaaahhh! Not bad for iPhone pictures!

 Another picture from our 3rd floor view over the lake. Awesome.

 One day we did the limbo with a pool noodle! Ha!

We're on a BOAT! :)

 This is one of our attempts to get a grandkid picture.  Some ran upstairs.  Two were trying to turn on the light.  One was crying.  One was trying to stop the crying.  One was smiling politely.  Too funny.

Charlotte did some stretching to relax.

 Tommy loved the star shaped light up shades that Pop found.

Check out that awesome sky again. (Yep these pictures are way out of order.  But hey, they're still cool! :)

Seriously, we had amazing weather for this trip.  We were so lucky.

 Check out our Tommy-friendly tie-dye cupcakes! Just get a box cake mix (one without milk), add a can of sprite, and viola! Best tasting cupcakes so far! (So far, the other recipes I've tried tasted like corn bread, vinegar, or were soupy so this is a HUGE improvement)

 Charlotte really wanted to get back out on that boat, I think.

 I have a lot of these pictures.  Tommy LOVED driving the boat.

 This picture cracks me up.  Tommy was marching out of the Oakwood.  Too funny.

 Did I mention our house had an elevator?? #elevatorselfie

 Andrew's Aunt Jill took this picture of Tommy.  What a look.  Love it.

 She also took this picture which I love.  Charlotte was super excited about the week on the lake.

I took just shy of 400 pictures from this trip.  There were so many good ones but I had to cut somewhere.  We had SUCH a great trip.  So many memories.  Thanks, Thornburgs, for a great family reunion!

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