Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Travis Gets Older

Travis turned another year older on the day of US World Cup game.  He and Andrew went to a bar to watch and celebrate.  I made the mistake of offering to pick them up.  I showed up to pick them up and I saw Travis prancing over to my car.  He got in my car, woke up Charlotte, and then...
Passed out.  I hadn't even made a second turn and he was already passed out! What the heck? I took a picture and texted it to Katie.  She said, "Don't bring him here!"  I did not comply.  :-)

 Andrew drinks professionally so he didn't have too much trouble.  He rode in the back. :)

 When we got to their house, Travis assumed the position and stayed there the rest of the evening. The kids decided to use him as a canvas.

It started like this... 

 It became this...

 They even got uncharted territory!

 The rest of us had pizza.  You can still see Travis in the background on the floor.

 Oh hey! He woke up!

 Just kidding.  Back asleep.

Tommy and Wyatt had a great time (and Harper too of course!) The evening was still super fun despite the dude asleep on the floor.  ;)

Happy Birthday, Travis! Hope you had a great time! :)

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