Sunday, September 27, 2015

A New Cousin: Wyatt Charles is Born!

 The Hartleys, Aunt Erin and Uncle Doug, welcomed their bouncing baby boy into the world on September 2nd.  He was 7 lbs 14 oz, 22 inches and has blonde hair.  His name is Wyatt Charles.
 Sorry for the late post! He's the best!

This is my favorite picture so far.  Not just because he's wearing the Purdue blanket we got him but he's also wearing Tommy and Charlotte's newborn cap.   Awwww, sweet baby. 

We went to visit Baby Cousin Wyatt over Labor Day weekend. 
 I didn't know what she might need so I packed up all my old crap and brought her, hopefully, some stuff she could use. 

 Ahh squishy babies are the best! He's so little!!

 Charlotte was obsessed! She seems so giant next to him.  She kept calling him Baby Kyatt. 

 Tommy also loved him, of course.  How could you not?

 Then he pooped on him.  This was the reaction shot the moment it happened.  So funny!

 Charlotte took another turn holding him.  She was such a big girl holding! She probably could have held him all night.

 But the kids did eventually get really antsy so we went out in the backyard and played with Cooper the dog. 
I had to get a sunburst pic of Tom and Coop.

 Love the colors in this one.  Especially her eyes. 

 Look at that hair! It's so light! The kids couldn't stop playing with his feet.  So funny.

On the way home, I got a notification from WLFI that they were opening I-65 back up in about an hour.  We wondered if they went ahead and opened it.  So we drove by it and the barriers had been moved.  We turned the car around and headed back to the interstate and hopped on.  There wasn't a car in sight for 35 miles!!! We were completely by ourselves.  We had a feeling all the cars on the other side of the road were staring us down.  One truck stopped on the overpass to look at us driving by.  Too funny.   It was a very exciting day for many reasons. 
Happy Birthday, Baby Wyatt!

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