Friday, May 23, 2014

Field Day 2014!

The last day of school for Tommy's daycare is always a super fun day. They do all kinds of outdoor activities and have lots of fun. Tommy had 2 fun days in a row because they went on a bear hunt the second to last day of school. 
How cute are those little bags Miss Kristin made? They loved it! Crossed a peanut butter river and ate teddy grahams. Lots o' fun! 

So the last day of school for the school year was also Miss Kristin's last day. She's going to have her baby soon and stay home with her kids from now on. We are really sad she's leaving but very happy for her. 

This is a class photo from their day. They are the caterpillars as you can see on their shirts. 

They had a parade and waved their flags. 

They played Tug of War... Sort of. 

They played on the water tables. 

They had popsicles! 

They played on the Bounce House. Look it's the old original crew!! Tommy, Owen, Layla and Logan (minus Landon). 

Slide time! 

Charlotte also had her field day but I didn't get any pictures. But she did get this amazing onesie made by her teacher. 

Each baby in her class had a handprint made into an owl on a tree. Adorable! 

You can see it a little better here. Soooo cute! 

Summer session starts now so there will be less kids and less curriculum but Splash Days will be back! Yay for Summer!! 

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