Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy 8th Anniversary, Thornburgs!

Today marks our 8th anniversary of wedded bliss! We decided after a LOONNGG weekend for the us and the kids... to take all of us out to eat to celebrate.  Everything was going pretty well at the beginning. 
 Family selfie! Tommy's smiling!

 Tommy was having a great time!

 Tommy took my phone and started taking selfies too.  Nice ketchup cheeks! :)

He also turned on some effects and took 23 pictures of Charlotte which I turned into a gif.  Heehee. 

 Charlotte loved it! She had some of Tommy's oranges at dinner.  DELISH!

Now you can see this is a very peaceful picture.  I wish the night would have ended this peacefully.  But no, we had to extend the kids as far as they could go because we needed wipes and milk.  We went to Meijer and tried to hurry.  We hurried a little too fast because Andrew accidentally left my purse in the cart in the parking lot and we got home before we realized it.  So we had to race back to Meijer to try and find it.  Don't worry, it only had like 7 debit and credit cards, a couple gift cards, a drivers license, business cards with my work address, health insurance cards, and $20-some in cash in it.  No biggie. 
So we went to where we had left the cart. 
Didn't find it. 
Went inside to where the dudes were bringing in carts and asked if they had found a purse. 
Uhhhh, nope. 
As a last resort, I went to customer service and asked if they found a purse in a cart.  She turns around and then hands me my purse.  I almost cried.  EVERYTHING was still in it.  Holy good karma, Batman. 
Reunited and it feels so good.  So with that little event, we need to pay it forward to someone.  Let me know if you have any ideas.

Also... I'm thinking... fanny packs forever.

So then we went home totally relieved but it was too late.  The kids had been overextended.  Tommy had a massive meltdown. He got so worked up, he threw up in the tub.  Fantastic.  It took some major work but I got him to bed. I came downstairs and Charlotte was with Andrew in the same condition.  We got her to bed with some work too. 
PHEW.  Our 8th anniversary is now coming to a close.  It's a LOT different than any other anniversary we've ever had.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  There's no one else I would rather work through massive meltdowns.... or chase down a missing purse... or celebrate our anniversary at the Indy 500 race every year. 
Happy Anniversary to my dear hubby.  You make eight great as my mate. 

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Cyndi said...

Oh my gosh! That anniversary got by me! You and your family continue to amaze me! Hope your next year is as awesome as the last eight!

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