Thursday, August 21, 2014

Charlotte's 11 Months Old!

Well this is a tough one.  Only one more month until the big 1st birthday.  I can't believe it's nearly here. 

 So Charlotte is eleven months old.  We have a serious look this month.  It's been a rough week for the whole family. Andrew was traveling.  Kids weren't sleeping well.  Tantrums, meltdowns, cough/sore throat/runny noses, pure and utter exhaustion.  But Charlotte was still a doll babe, always smiling and happy even at 2 in the morning! She just didn't feel like sleeping at that time of night for two hours!

She certainly is a lot of fun.  She doesn't sit still for a second. All the pictures above were taken within about 30 seconds.  This is her birthday present.  We got it a bit early because she loves to climb on it.  That's not the only thing she likes to climb on.  She also likes to take Tommy's wooden chair, push it over to the island, climb up on top of it, and grab things off the counter.  It is absolutely terrifying.  She's at least a foot off the floor standing on a super unsteady chair.  It takes her 2 seconds to do that too.  She's unstoppable! 

 She's also quite goofy.  Look at that face.  She loves to stand in the tub.  What a stinker!

 She will eat pretty much anything you set in front of her.  Anything except asparagus.  She hid the asparagus at the bottom of the pic if you look closely.  Then smiled adorably when she got caught. :-) Tommy wouldn't eat it either though.  He called it "Despair-a-gus."

 She has six teeth now that help her eat yummy food like Chick-fil-a.

 She is starting to take steps.  She fell at school though (bumped her head) and has been quite hesitant lately to take any steps. :( Hopefully she'll get up and at 'em again soon!

 Boy, does this girl love to eat!
Did any of it end up in her mouth?

Let's see, what did we not cover? Oh yeah, she is starting to imitate!
This is Charlotte imitating Grandpa.  She will pick up on something you are doing and then she will keep imitating you over and over.  It's, of course, absolutely adorable. 

Happy Eleven Months, Charlotte! Next month is the big one!  

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