Thursday, August 21, 2014

Indiana State Fair 2014

We had so much fun at the state fair last year that we decided to take the kids again this year. 
 Our first stop was the beef tent.  We brought food for Tommy but we wanted to try to eat at the fair.  GREAT idea.  (Where's the sarcasm font?) We checked the buns, the chips, we asked how the dog was cooked.  They said it was all-beef.  He took one bite and freaked out.  He knew immediately.  He puked in the street.  We covered it with napkins and left.  Such a bummer.  We still can't figure out what was in the hot dog that would make him puke.  Argh, frustrating.

 Charlotte enjoyed her part of Tommy's lunch.  String cheese! Yum!

Our lunch consisted of more than just deep fried oreos but this was definitely the best part.

 Charlotte practiced her fair queen wave all day!!!

I am serious! ALL DAY! She waved at everyone.  It was too cute.

 Tommy rode pretty much every single possible ride he could.

 He loved that slide!

 He loved the spinning dragons too!

 Here's Charlotte's version of a ride.

 Oh wait, she did get a to ride a ride: The carousel!

 She also got to visit the lactation station.  Great idea to have but they are NOT private.  I could see everyone walking by and they could see me.  Awkward!

 Tommy enjoyed the John Deere Tractors of course.

 He accidentally turned on the hazards.  Whoops! He was pretty excited about that.

 Charlotte took a mini nap while this was all happening.

 This turned out pretty cute. Tommy and Daddy on the farm.  E-I-E-I-O!

 Tommy got a new yellow John Deere. (Did you know they made those?)

 Charlotte was still sleeping during the Glass Barn visit so she missed the photo opportunity.

 Then we visited the Midway where there was one kids rides among all the other crazy rides.

 Then we went BACK to kiddie land to use the rest of our tickets.  Took a trip on the ferris wheel.
(Yes his sticker says "I rode a pony".)
Tommy and mommy on the bumblebees selfie!

 This was like the 5th time he went down this slide I think.  He loved it!

 Another carousel ride! Use those tickets! :-)

 While we were riding rides, my mom and dad took Charlotte to the drafting horses show in the Coliseum.  We came in the at the end of it.  It was pretty entertaining.  All the ladies were wearing sequins gowns and they played pretty much every song from Oklahoma.  Those horses are amazing!

 We ate dinner at Chili's after we left the fair.  It was a good thing.  After the incident with Tommy puking in the street, we weren't going to take anymore chances.  Plus I got my deep fried oreos so I was happy.
I held my phone up for Charlotte to see herself and she took several selfies.  #chilisselfie

We had a great time at the Indiana State Fair.  Can't wait to take the kiddos back next year!

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