Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Family Purdue Game: Vs Nebraska

We had extra tickets and the game was at a decent time, so we decided to make the Purdue game a family night.  
 Tommy brought his Hammer of Thor. He was excited to tell Purdue Pete that he had a hammer now too! We never saw him up close so we'll just have to go back to chatter about hammers.

This picture explains so much about our game experience.  The natives were definitely getting restless.  The people behind us loved it, can't you tell?

 Charlotte and I decided to spend some time in the concourse. We walked an entire lap around the arena and she still wasn't tired! We stopped to check out the shoe of 7 foot 2 inch player Isaac Haas.  It was bigger than her!

 There was a cardboard cut out too and she could barely reach his knee.  Too cute.

 Tommy got on GameFaces again! Just barely.  He was one of the last ones.  But he got his hammer on the big screen.  When he saw his face on the screen, he had a meltdown.  He didn't want his picture on the big screen all the sudden.  Typical four year old breakdown. :)

 The kids were kind of bored after awhile but they really did pretty well.

 We had lots of snacks.

 Plus lots of Tommy/Charlotte selfies. ;-)

When it was time to go, Charlotte sat on Andrew's shoulders.  I tried putting her coat on her while she was on his shoulders.  She was still holding veggie straws in her hands.  When I need her hands to put her coat on, she set the veggie straws on his head.  He had no clue until I showed him the picture.  Hilarious.

Another family tradition down in the books.  Go Purdue!!

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