Monday, February 16, 2015

Going Out for Brandon's 41st Birthday

I don't know what it is about Brandon's birthday but it usually turns into a wild night.  This time was no different! 
We went out to eat at the super fancy Bistro 501. After dinner, we went to Laf Brew Co to see the swing band that was playing. This happens to be Desi's forte.  She taught us all how to swing dance, waltz, and rumba.  It was so fun! 
 Even my dad joined in!

HEY! Don't take my picture!

By the way, this is not a picture.  It's a video.

 Brandon already knows of course, so he and Desi enjoyed dancing on the dance floor.  The rest of us were too scared to get out there and do it for real. :)

The only dance Andrew is comfortable doing is this one. ;)

But he caved and learned them too!

 The band was HUGE and awesome. I think there were 20 members!

 After the swing band was done playing, we went to another bar. It was called Lenehan's Pub.  It was a bad bar.  I mean, really bad.  It has a sewage problem so it always smell like poo.  But that late in the night, it's much less noticeable.
 Adam took the liberty of taking some selfies with my camera.

 My dad yawn-photobombed the girls picture.

 The bros took some shots.

 We took some pictures with the random homeless guys that were frequenting the establishment.

We also played Hoops and Ping Pong.  It was awesome.  So glad we could hang out there one last time before they closed it down.  Ha!

They're going to miss us I think...

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