Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thornburg Family Chicago Vacation Day 1

 Our first family vacation of the summer, we decided to go to Chicago.
 Check out the perfectly packed trunk by Andrew. We were only going for 4 days 3 nights but we needed a lot of stuff.  It was actually way less than we thought we'd need. Did I mention Andrew has a gigantic trunk?? Huge. It was packed full. 

 Our first stop was the Science and Industry Museum.  We went on the plane.  #museumplaneselfie (You will need to get ready 4 days of selfies from this trip.)

 We learned how planes work. #mamababyinthemuseumselfie

 We checked out the farming section.  Boresville! Who wants to sit in a tractor that stays still when you've had the real thing that moves?

 Then they stood in line for the fake combine.

 Charlotte and I watched some farming videos.

 Once they finally got up there, Tommy kept saying "Shut the door!"  I think he thought he would actually be able to take off!
There was lots of cool stuff to see there.  It was still a little over a 3 year old's head.  He LOVED the massive train set up.  That's quite a sight.  Plus one of the trains was carrying like 20 tiny John Deere tractors.  Very cool. 
 Then it was time to check into the hotel. Charlotte loved it! An ottoman just her size!

 We got a suite with a separate room (for naps) and a kitchen (for Tommy food).

 It came in very handy for Tommy's lunches and Charlotte's bottles.

 This was supposed to be mama and dada's bed but the kids took full advantage.

 So once we checked in, it was time to go SWIMMING! Charlotte loved her new suit.  Just kidding.  Scream time.  

But Tommy actually did love his new floatie.  SHARK!

 Tommy hadn't used his new puddle jumper floatie yet so it took about an hour and he was a swimming machine.  Those puddle jumpers are amazing! He was so much more confident in the water.  It was awesome!

 Charlotte did a little swimming but the pool was super cold.  We did more watching than actual swimming. (No, I did not intentionally coordinate my nails with her suit.)

 Time to pause for a #smoochselfie. :)

 Now it's time for a #goouttodinnerselfie.

 It was family night at the Rain Forest Cafe that night.  (As my mom said, "Isn't EVERY night family night there?")  They had fun little extras that night.  Balloons and frog hats for all the kids.  A crazy lady doing balloon animals that could only make dogs.  Pictures.  Rain forest rain storms? Oh wait, they do those every half hour.

 They sat us right by the freaking elephants.  Those dang elephants were so flipping loud.  Scared the crap out of all of us.

They were very accommodating when it came to his food allergies which was awesome! 

 I can't look at this picture without laughing. I also can't help but laugh when it comes to the story of getting our picture taken.  Some guy came up to our table (like every tourist trap in town does) and asked if we wanted him to take our picture.  We said sure.  Andrew went to pick Tommy up to get ready for the picture.  As he picked him up, his pants caught on something and pulled them completely down to his ankles.  So here poor Tommy was stretched out over the table with his pants around his ankles and his dino undies on full display.  I was laughing so hard, I could hardly catch my breath.  I have no idea what that picture even looked like.  We obviously didn't buy it.  Great vacation memories. Poor kiddo.  He didn't seem to mind too much though. 

Oh and another fun event from the night: Charlotte ate a pickle! This girl loves all foods! ALL!

I have so many pictures from this trip so I have to split up all this posts.  This was day one! The day worked out perfectly.  It rained most of the day so the Science and Industry Museum was a perfect choice.  Lots of fun! Stayed tuned for the rest of the posts.

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