Monday, June 9, 2014

Thornburg Family Chicago Vacation Day 4

(Catch up: Day 1...Day 2...Day 3)

The last day finally arrived and it was time to check out.
Tommy immediately put on his hat the next morning.  Too funny.  He had a little playtime with sis before it was time to go swimming one last time.

Can you tell you ran out of swim diapers for Charlotte? We probably should have just put her in her swimsuit, but just in case, we used a regular diaper.  You never know!

 She didn't care that she had a 5 pound bag of water between her legs.

 After we swam, we packed up and headed down the elevator.  We definitely came home with more stuff but it felt like a LOT more stuff.

 We thought we'd do a little more shopping before we left.  This was by far my favorite purchase.  Tiny pink adidas kicks for Charlee.

 Charlotte was quite the little shopper.  She attracted a lot of attention for her cuteness.

 The doorman at the hotel even asked if he could take her picture.  Creepy.  But when she's holding this pose for him for a straight minute just staring at him, I just couldn't say no.

 On the way home, both kids passed out.  It was amazing.  Tommy never sleeps in the car anymore.  But he finally caved! It was wonderfully peaceful and quiet.

Until we got close to Rensselaer.  So we decided to stop and see Grandma and Grandpa on our way home.  They needed a break from the car so it was a perfect stopping place.
Plus Tommy got to ride on Grandpa's 4 wheeler.  Too bad he didn't make it any farther than this before he decided he was done.

 Tommy was nice enough to let Charlotte drive the firetruck.

 She loved it.  Just a Saturday evening drive.

The Thornburg Family Chicago vacation was a success! We had so much fun and made so many memories.  I hope we can take them back soon!

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