Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tommy is 3.5 Years Old!

This post is a bit late. He turned 3 and a half on June 10th.  But things have been busy.  Same ol', same ol' excuse.

What's new with Tommy?
 He enjoys working out with me! In matching shirts too!

 He loves his sister VERY much.  The only problem is he forgets she is a baby.  He thinks he can roughhouse with her like he does his friends.  He has to be reminded often.  He rips toys out of her hands and he doesn't like when she plays with his toys.  But then there will be a moment that totally floors me.  For instance, this morning, she was crying and carrying on.  Tommy quietly left the room without telling anyone, ran into her room, got her giraffe, and brought it to her.  It was so sweet.

He's becoming pickier than he can afford to be with his restricted diet.  But he's also 3 so that's bound to happen.  I felt awful just yesterday when I got out a cupcake and he was super upset that he couldn't have one.  So I loaded him into the car and we went to Meijer to get stuff to make Tommy cupcakes.  Orange cake mix and a can of 7up later, he had orange dreamsicle cupcakes and he was a happy camper!

SEE? Look at that happy kid! He got his cupcakes.

 Some other treats... We went out for ice cream! Of course, we brought ice cream from home for Tommy but hey, we went to Culvers and ate ice cream together.  That was kinda nice.  Tommy ate chocolate chip cookie dough coconut ice cream from a brand called So Delicious.  They also have almond milk products but we have to go to walmart to get those according to their website.  Not sure if that's going to happen. :)

 You know what else he can have? Strawberry pie.  What? Yep, pie crusts from Pilsbury are made with lard maybe? I don't know but they don't have milk or eggs.  As long as it's strawberry only, he can eat it! Sweet!

Tommy peed in the yard.  I took a picture.  Then I put it by a picture of Andrew peeing in his yard and VOILA.  Blackmail GOLD!

 Side note: Great tub toys? Glowsticks! Super fun.  Really need to do that again.

What else is new with Tommy? He's three.  So of course, he's super independent, often contrary, stubborn, and particular.  But he's also super smart, incredibly sweet, hilarious, and an all around good kid.  His new favorite phrase is "butt naked".  He is potty trained during the day except for the occasional accident.  He is working on the poop thing though.  He'll get there. 
One of these days, we're going to throw an actual party for his half birthday so he can celebrate his birthday outside.  
But for this year, we'll settle on celebrating his 3.5 year old birthday without a party.  Happy 3 and one-half years old to the Mr. Tommy T! 

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