Saturday, November 1, 2014

Max and Reese's Birthday Party

We headed down to Carmel for Max and Reese's birthday party at an Aquatic Center. 
 Tommy was pumped!! You can't tell from his serious look but he was ready to swim.

 They were smart and got the candle blowing and singing out of the way first so we could all go swimming.  This picture cracks me up.  Max is stoked! I love his hat.

Tommy and Dada went swimming so Charlotte hung out in the party room in the chair with Megan.  Too cuties.  Lindsay said, "Say Cheese!"  I'm pretty sure Megan said cheese.  I was mucho impressed.

 Tommy looked like he was having a great time on the slide so I decided to bring Charlotte out to the pool.

I love this little skirted suit.  Too cute.

 This is a great picture.  I went to take Charlotte's picture and she promptly turned to me and let the bird fly.  Andrew cracked up.  Nolan is photobombing with the best face possible.  Perfection in a picture.

 There was a shallow water area the babies enjoyed.  Especially Charlotte!

 She was terrifying.  She has no fear whatsoever.  She wanted to dive right in!

 But she had a really great time with Dean!

 They were best buds for a hot minute.

Tommy also had a really great time.  He is holding all three of his party favors in this picture.  A new pair of shades for the ride home.  Thanks for the great time, Goldmans! Happy Birthday, Kiddos!

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