Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Basketball Game of the Season

The last time Charlotte went to a basketball game, she was this little! #throwbackto2013

Today when we went, the kids were much bigger and much squirmier!
 I sent this picture in for the Game Faces montage.  Tommy made the video.  He was one of the last ones.  I didn't get a picture of it. Dang it. 

 The squirminess was only partially absolved with snacks... and snacks... and more snacks. 

 Yank that hair, Charlotte! I just love her new shirt.  ADORBS. Does it come in my size? ;-)

 What? I didn't do anything wrong. ;-) I was actually concerned she was going to get into her neighbors chicken fingers and fries.  I got lucky that she didn't bat at them and send them flying! Close one. 

We left the game a little early because the kids had lost interest and on the way out, we ran into ol' Pete himself!
 Charlotte was ready with a high five!

We told Tommy to go stand by Purdue Pete so we could take his picture but he was too busy taking this picture with his iPod.  It's a really nice picture! I'm quite impressed! It's centered, not especially blurry, and fairly good quality for being an iPhone 3GS. Nice work, Tommy Hawk. 

Here's the same picture from my mom's iPhone 6.  Big difference in quality!

 When he finally got his picture taken, we convinced him to go stand by Pete.  Pete was nice enough to take a selfie!!

This is my view of the situation.  (You can see the difference in quality from the 6 in the last picture and my 5.  I want a new phone, can you tell?;-)  After Pete took the picture, he looked at the picture on Tommy's phone, then looked at me, and shrugged.  I figured he was saying, "I did my best." 

Here's the selfie.  Yeesh! Nice try, Pete!! Tommy can take better picture than you! Although, it was a flipped around selfie on a 3GS and he had a giant mascot head over his face.  That's pretty difficult.  I'll give him a pass. 

The kids had a great time at the first b-ball game.  Here we go, Boilers!

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