Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July Pool Time 2015

We had no plans for the 4th of July and we were so excited to do nothing!

We got an inflatable pool for the kids and boy, were they excited!

They immediately started in on the tricks with their slide.

I don't know how many times I heard "My turn!! My turn!!"  Or when Charlotte says it, it sounds more like "My tuhn! My tuhn!!!"

They had so much fun! It was really cold water and the weather wasn't that nice out but they didn't care!!

Charlotte took a break every once in awhile to imitate Tommy. Ha!

Her face going down the slide was hilarious!

Tommy was a sliding fool too!

We finally convinced the kids to take a break and go see a movie. We saw Inside Out. It was really good. It was all about what happens in the brain during childhood and adolescence. Very brilliantly done.  Tommy did awesome.  Charlotte actually did really well too for her first movie.  She got a little antsy but never had to be removed from the theater.  Yay for Charlotte and yay for us for learning from our last experience.

After the movie, we stopped by Target. Charlotte refused to leave until she got this Elsa doll. Already?? Are you kidding me? But it plays Let It Go.  I hoped they would be over that song by now.  They. Are. Not.  Charlotte won that round and now it's her new favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Then we set off some fireworks. Tommy liked them. Charlotte was terrified.

I don't know why she was terrified. They don't look very menacing to me. :)

If you would like a glimpse into their water world, here's a fun video.

How fun is the counting at the end? Plus the whoas? Oh my goodness.

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