Sunday, July 12, 2015

Maria and Mike Get Married!

Maria's bachelorette party was during Mother's Day weekend and her wedding was during Father's Day weekend. Come on now, Maria! Ha!! But both events were super awesome!

She was a beautiful bride, which surprised no one! Mike wasn't too bad either. Ha!

Their reception was at Fountain Square theater. It is such a cool place. Love the sign!

The 118 Fowler girls all got to sit at one table which was fun to catch up!

Then it was time to dance! The limbo was very popular that night! Maria was really good at it, especially in that dress!

We did a lot of dancing!!

Maria knew that all that dancing would work up an appetite so she provided White Castle for late night snacking. Awesome!!

We snowboardered with Maria. This is an action shot of her going down!

Nice fall, girl! You destroyed that one! It's not a dance party without a snowboard crash!

One of my favorite pictures of Maria's brother Tony from the night. Limbo stick holder champion.

I still wish Maria lived closer but it's still so much fun when we are able to get together. Maria, your wedding was gorgeous! You were a stunning bride! Love you!

Here's a couple of quick pics showing what the kids did that night. They had a great time going to the Taste with Grandma and Grandpa.

Posing for a picture!

It's like she's saying- hey check out that tiger!!

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