Sunday, July 12, 2015

Busy Little Saturday

First up, I drove down to Zionsville for Erin's baby shower. She got a lot of great stuff but the best thing was probably this below.

Hope the baby likes Peyton as much as much as his/her mom!!

After that I drove to the south side of Indy to celebrate baby Dean turning two! Andrew and the kids met me there. Charlotte hung out with her buddy bubba Reese. I think Charlotte has a mouth full of food here.

It was a very typical birthday party due to the mass chaos during the present opening. So funny. I'm pretty sure Jack has nothing on under that Superhero costume. Too funny!

Tommy enjoyed Dean's presents!

Dean loved his birthday cake!!

The kids loved playing in the bounce house (until the big kids came down).

After that, I drove all the way up to Renssy for our very informal high school reunion. No one had planned anything so Sarah posted on Facebook that we should meet at the pub if anyone was in town. We had about as big of a turn out as the 10 year reunion.

Not even 10% and only one guy showed up but we didn't care! We still had a great time! We got a picture pretending to be courthouse critters.

We had to get the courthouse in the background too! Good times!

Crazy Saturday but lots of fun!

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