Thursday, April 17, 2014

Best Big Brother

 Tommy could not BE a better big brother (said in Chandler Bing's voice). I was rushing around after bringing the kids home from school on a night that Andrew was gone.  I was trying to do a few things before I had to feed Charlotte.  I needed to run out to the car again and Charlotte was crying.  I said, "Tommy, see if you can make her stop crying," and I ran out the door. 
 I came back in and Tommy had given her a toy and was reading books to her.  She was so very happy.  He did it!! He is so good!!

Look how he was stacking up books to continue to read to her. (Notice the last two books are the same.  He REALLY likes the Hungry Caterpillar!)   He cares about her so much.  She loves everything he does too. Seriously everything.  I just love how they are such buddies already.  They are so much fun. 

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