Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Friday Night

We pushed the kids to their limit tonight.  We needed to get diapers, get haircuts and get dinner. 
 Haircuts came first!
We asked Tommy where he wanted to eat dinner.  He said, "Is Chick Fil A open today?"  We said, "Yeah or we could go to HuHot."  He chose HuHot for some reason.  It was a good thing! He was enthralled with the place.  

 These were his expressions the whole time we were there.  Dragons and fire and fun, oh my!

 When they brought his food, he said, "They have chicken nuggets, pineapples, oranges and ketchup?? They have EVERYTHING!" 

 Charlotte wasn't quite as fond of the place.  But she managed. 

 We should have brought her puffs! Oh well. 

After that we went to Target.  We pushed the kids to their limits.  Poor kids.  But hey, at least they had fun!

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