Sunday, April 6, 2014

Evolution of a Deck

 We needed a new deck... so we got one! Here are some pictures of the old deck back in 2011.  It was getting old and needed resurfacing due to old rotted wood and lack of care (our bad). 
 Look at all those leaves!! Closing in on 3 years ago.  Wow. Crazy how time flies.  We were just figuring out Tommy's food allergies at that time.  Sheesh. 

 So we really like our deck.  We considered adding square footage.  But then we would have to file a permit and spend way more money and blah blah blah... we ended up deciding against it. 

 But we did change the design a little.  We decided to add bench seating instead of a railing and open up the steps a bit.  

 We kept the same structure underneath and built on that. 

Since we didn't expand it, we could keep all the rocks and landscaping around it.  

This is the deck before the bench seating was added.  It already looks way bigger.

 Finished product! (Besides the stain) 

We already absolutely love it.  Tommy is a big fan too! Lots of room for basketball dunking. :)

Funny story: After the deck was done, we had a man from the city stop by our house with a big red violation sticker. 
"Um, sir, we see you built a deck without a permit.  Do you mind if I take a look at your deck?"
Andrew had to explain that we didn't build a brand new deck nor did we expand the existing square footage so we didn't need to file a permit according to the company that built it for us.  So he took a look at it and looked at Andrew's pictures.  Then he went and talked to our deck company.  We were cleared.  Phew! But it sounds like someone told on us.  Grrrr.  Jerks.
Oh well.  We didn't break any laws and we have a beautiful new deck. 

Now... what color to stain it? Brown? Reddish? Natural wood? What do you think?

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