Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Charlotte is 7 Months Old!

I can't stop time. It keeps going by so quickly. Charlotte is 7 months old. 
I picked the outfit I put in her Easter basket plus a random bow from Old Navy. The bow might look a little silly but I love anything perched on her head. It's all adorable! 

Here are some outtakes from the photoshoot. She still loves her Sophie! 

So what's up with Charlotte this month? 

-She's learning how to wave bye bye. I'm not sure that she knows what she's doing or if she just enjoys waving. Either way, adorable. 

-Charlotte has started with even more solids, like puffs, Cheerios and these rice milk cream thingies. We're still a bit afraid to give her yogurt puffs because they trigger so many puke memories for us. I truly think she'll be fine. We just haven't experimented yet. 

Pictures from Daycare- Another Ridiculous Bow 

-Baby girl is a master sitter-upper. She still falls once in awhile but she is so sturdy these days that I sat her in the tub by herself. Yikes! But she did great! 

-Charlee Bean has started yelling... loudly, for no particular reason. I was upstairs tonight putting Tommy to bed and I could hear her yelling. I came down and asked if she was mad. Nope, that was her happy scream. Yikes. 

-She loves playing Where Did XXX Go? As long as the person comes back pretty quickly, she really digs that game. It cracks her up!! 

-Charlotte has been teething for what seems like a straight month. Girl, where are those top two teeth? Sheesh! 

The flower headband is so large and out of control. I never thought I'd be into these but here I am. 
Daycare said she needed to start wearing shoes so we sent her in these. Seriously? Shoes? Do they expect them to stay on? 

It doesn't matter because this girl is fabulous in whatever! 

Happy 7 Months, Charlotte! 

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