Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Food Allergy Re-Test Time :(

 When out of nowhere, Tommy's lips starting swelling up every time he ate peas, we decided it might be time to have him retested.  We met with the allergist.
 Tommy knew going into this appointment that there would be either a needle to draw blood or a bunch of pokes in his back.  He had decided he wanted the needle because it was one poke and then he was done.  He didn't want to deal with tons and tons of pokes in the back from the scratch test.

When the doctor decided the scratch test would be best, he let us all know how he felt about it. :)

Charlotte was with us and she really didn't know what to think.

 The nurse was very gentle and it really wasn't bad at all .  Tiny little scratches that hardly hurt at all.

 The part we forgot about it that REALLY sucked was the part where the hives grow and become EXTREMELY itchy. :(  
He was PISSED.  In this picture on the left side, you can see the seasonal allergies 1-25.

 TN stands for all the tree nuts below it.  I think 26 is milk.  The rest on the right side is all the foods in which he is allergic. Still milk, eggs, and nuts.  It showed his reaction to milk being the highest, which we know not to be true because he is consuming some foods with some milk in it.  But if he has anything with eggs, it's bad news bears.  And yes, it said he was allergic to peas a little bit.  Sounds about right.
Tommy was sooooo glad to get out of there.

However Charlotte had a mini meltdown on the way home.  How was she in the worst mood out of all of us? 

If you were worried that he continued to be miserable the rest of his night, his welts seem to clear right up.  By the end of the night, it looked like this.
So I guess it was a successful doctor's visit but I didn't feel like we left with any new information that we didn't already know. He told us we didn't need to come back for a few years.  Boo.  But hopefully we'll be doing better when we go back for the next visit.  Wish us luck! :)

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