Thursday, September 14, 2017

Girls Day Out

 When your friend flies in from Oregon, you must get together!
So the girls got together in Renssy at Fenwick Farms Brewing Company. None of us had tried it so we had to check it out.

I got a fun little flight to try several beers.

We had a great time chatting it up and then ignoring each other while we checked our phones.  Ha!

After many beers, we decided to walk around the bustling metropolis of Rensselaer.  We found these mushrooms spray painted on a wall behind the brewery.  Why not take a picture?

We thought this looked like a great place to pose like we were in some kind of weird heavy metal band for ladies.

 We walked back to the brewery and got our picture taken out front.

 We also got a picture in front of the jewelry store next door that our friend from high school's parents owned.

 We found a random bus stop behind the pub? Still can't figure that one out.

 Then we spent some time being courthouse critters.  We did a few somersaults in the lawn until we ran into our gymnastics coach's parents.  Well-timed on our part, with the somersaults. :)

 We made a quick stop at the Busy Bee for some ice cream.

Our final stop before walking back to my parents was standing like weirdos to get a selfie in front of the house Krissi grew up in. Awww.
Now that was a super Renssy-tastic day out with the ladies!

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