Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Start of School Year 2017: First Grade and The Fours Class

Here we are August (yeah I know I'm late) of 2017 and it's time for school to start.  AAHHH! I can't believe the summer went so fast and I have a preschooler and a first grader.  CRAZY.  
 Because I didn't want summer to end, I took off Monday afternoon before school started and I took Tommy to Get Air... and boy did we ever.
 We jumped all over that place.  Then we went to Barnes and Noble and Tommy convinced me to buy him things that he really didn't need.  But my boy was heading off to school... so of course he needed a Ninjago Lego Character Encyclopedia among other things.
I felt bad so I bought Charlotte a My Little Pony book too. :)

That night was Tommy's Meet the Teacher Night where we dropped off our school supplies. Charlotte came with us and she made herself right at home in Mrs. Lane's chair.  :) Tommy was super excited.  There was so much stuff to look at and school supplies to put away.  We were busy and then it was over so quickly. 

 Charlotte had a meet the teacher night too.  We received this letter before the night addressed to Charolette.  I thought to myself, hopefully this is a just one little spelling error.  When we arrived to the preschool class,  her name was misspelled 5 times throughout the classroom.  Luckily they were able to easily change the misspelled name tags.  She's going to learn how to spell her name this year so we would really like her to be able to spell it right. :)

 The Tuesday before school started for Tommy, we went to the state fair.  Charlotte actually started school on Monday and then I took her out on Tuesday.  Whoopsie! Anyway, we went to the state fair because we had an employee appreciation day there.  My parents came too. My mom and i went to our meeting where we had lots of speakers and then we were free to roam around the rest of the day.  Charlotte and Tommy had to sit through the meeting which was a little rough.  So we stayed in the back and made them eat sandwiches.  Senator Joe Donnelly saw them sitting there eating and said, "Wow, those sandwiches look really good right now!"  Ha! I hope he likes bologna.  :)

 After our meeting was over, we fed some animals.

 We had to visit the Glass Barn for our obligatory Glass Barn photo booth picture.

 They had some new backgrounds this year.  The corn dog one was fun!

 Then it was time for some rides!
 Charlotte and I rode the elephants! Look at that smile.  Hehehe!!

 Tommy and I rode the ferris wheel which always freaks me out.  Gotta be brave for this dare devil!

 Our view of the main drag.

 After the rides, we went to see the horses.  This picture doesn't do the size of this horse justice.  I swear this horse was 10 feet tall.  Flipping HUGE.

 Tommy and Charlotte enjoyed the Lego exhibit.  Tommy was confused though.  He was wondering why all the blocks were the same color and size.  Where were all the lego guys?? Ha! He actually had to use his imagination a little for this. :)

 The next day, I took the kiddos to school. They were ready!

First day of school pic.  Tommy probably wants to play with Legos for a living more than swimming but he certainly likes swimming right now. :) 
Charlotte had a hard time deciding what she wanted to be.  I think she thought it was more of a Halloween question.  I would ask her and she would say, "A unicorn! Rapunzel! Belle!"  I'm like, "No what do you want to do as a job to make money?" "Cupcakes?" "Yeah sure, that'll work." :) 

 Some outtakes from our first day of school pictures. 

 I dropped Tommy off at school and luckily had lots to do in the office dropping off the epi-pen and other meds so I had to keep it together.  It was hard.  But I did it.  Then I stayed in my car for awhile in the parking lot of the school before I took off for work.  While I was sitting there, I was able to hear the morning announcements outside of the school.  Hilarious.  It also made me really excited for Tommy's new experiences to come.  School is so fun and I had forgotten all the cool stuff they do.
Anyway, while I was sitting there, I got a call from the school. I almost got out and ran into the school because I figured they were calling because he was having an allergic reaction or something.  Turns out, I just needed an extra form for the meds and the school nurse was calling me about that.  Phew!
But in the afternoon before I went to pick him up, I got this picture from his soccer coach who is also a teacher at the school.  He was definitely having a great day and has great people taking care of him. I was so proud and happy.  The kid is a stud, right? :)

I don't have a picture from the end of Charlotte's first day but Charlotte is also really enjoying preschool.  I think her favorite part is learning new songs.  She is always singing.  She is working really hard on writing letters and staying in the lines while coloring.  She loves her teacher and her friends and seems to be super happy in preschool too.
I'm sad they are growing up so fast but I am overjoyed to see how they grow and what kind of people they become.
Love you Tomster and Charshe.  :) You make me so proud.

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