Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Charlotte Turns FOUR!

 Charlotte celebrated her birthday at school.
They took a super cute class picture with Charlotte front and center.

Charlotte chose frosted donuts with sprinkles for her birthday treat.   The class LOVED it.  Charlotte loved being the star of the show.

 I picked Charlotte up early that day.  We went and got our hair done.  Charlotte was so excited.  I actually had to leave her and go around the corner to get my hair done separately.  She did really great though and it got me out of the salon early without being asked to buy products. Whoo hoo!

 I had informed Charlotte of our plans and she was so excited to tell everyone she was going to get her hair done and then go to Chuck E Cheese.  So that is exactly what we did.  She was super excited to ride the horse.

I couldn't believe she wanted to do the roller coaster game.  This game (ride?) was a little rough.  It shakes and turns and you feel like you're on a roller coaster.  It was kind of crazy.  Poor Charlotte's head wasn't quite tall enough to be on the pad so it had to be uncomfortable but she didn't care.  She wanted to ride again.  Not this girl.  I was dunzo.  Barf.  

It is a cool idea though!

 Charlotte rode another one of her favorite rides (?), the mini carousel.  She pretended to be asleep on it.  She is so funny.

Andrew and Tommy met us at Chuck E Cheese.  Then Charlotte and I escaped once again and picked out cupcakes at Gigi's.  YUM!

 The following weekend was Charlotte's party! I did make the invitation but I did NOT mail them out.  I used an app this year.  I am becoming much more of a no muss no fuss mom which is so exciting.  Instead of hand making all the food, cakes, and decorations, I bought decorations online, bought a Target cake, and ordered pizza.  Fantastic!

Here's the beautiful birthday girl in her unicorn shirt!

I took a picture to Meijer of the cake I wanted and they were not very accommodating.  But TARGET on the other hand, basically recreated this fantastic cake from scratch.  Incredible! They even included the paisley design on the side.  Are you kidding me?? (Is it because they practically know who we are because we visit 3 times a week? Maybe. ;)

 Time to blow out the candles!

 I ordered these crazy unicorn horns (yes, people made dirty jokes about them) from Walmart online.  Who would have thought?

 It was time to open presents! Everyone was watching closely. (Just kidding. Cake coma.)

Lovely picture of this trio! :) 

Charlotte loved all her presents.  She got some really fantastic stuff. 

 Uncle Adam had to help put together the Frozen Lego set that she got.  She is so excited to become a master builder like her big bro.

You can bet that as soon as the Frozen castle was made, Tommy jumped in and weaponized it.

She got this amazing mermaid blanket.  Charlotte was a big fan.

She also got a lot of fun books.  I believe this is the exact moment Emily had to read the word FART. :) LOL!

 Hey look, it's Mama and Dada in our unicorn horns and shirts.  We look dashing. :)

The birthday girl and her mama.  

After all the fun, we played outside because of course it was a beautiful September day.

Tommy and many others had fun playing b-ball.

We actually remembered to get a family picture.  Yay!! Another classic!

Happy Birthday to you, Miss Charlotte! We love you so much!

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