Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tommy's Soccer Season Fall of 2017

Andrew decided to coach Tommy's soccer team for the fall season this year.  We put him on a team with a couple of his friends.  We also had a bunch of the same kids from the last soccer team and the baseball team.  However, we had a few, what we shall call, special cases on our team.  I thought Andrew was going to lose his mind about 676 different times throughout the season, but just when it came to 3 kids.

 However, the rest of the team were great kids and really decent players.  Tommy had an AWESOME time playing with his friends.  He actually looked forward to all the games and practices for the most part.

 He loves playing defense.  That is his favorite.

 He also didn't mind playing offense and goalie too.  He's a big fan of soccer and I love that he's really getting into it!

 Some candid photos from the ride home after the game. Haha! Poor Grandma got stuck in the 3rd row with a horsey and a Charlotte. :)

 Tommy had to play along too. :)

 After the last game, the sponsors, who were one of the players grandparents, threw a big end of season party with a giant bounce house.  Do you see the size of that thing??

 It's massive!! The kids LOVED it.

And terrifying! 

They may not have been the most well-behaved team but they certainly were the cutest! ;-) It was a fun season with lots of "hugs" and drop kicking the ball for no reason.  Goooo Pirates!

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