Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Engagement of Adam and Emily

 Adam had been planning this event for quite some time.  It finally came to fruition at the end of September.
Was there a GoPro involved? Does the pope sh*t in the woods? Of course there was a GoPro involved and it captured these awesome images...

 It was a wonderfully sweet, well-planned proposal that ended with the song, "I Wanna Grow Old With You."

 The following day, friends and family drove and flew in from all over the country to celebrate with the happy couple.  And celebrate we did! You can't celebrate without Flip Cup! (Love my dad's face in this one. :)

 It was flip cup game with Boys versus Girls.

The girls came out victorious. We had a couple of ringer grandmas on our team.  We rocked it.

 The kids had an amazing time.  Emily's step sister has 5 kids and two of them match up with Tommy and Charlotte like amazing besties. We didn't even introduce them.  They found their soulmates on their own. Turns out, Tommy's friend has food allergies just like he does!  Charlotte's friend loves horses just like she does.  Seriously, how did that work out so well?  Oh and did I mention we kept them up ridiculously late? I don't know if it's hard to tell from the picture...

 But this is what they looked like on the way home.

 Even Tommy fell asleep.  He never falls asleep in the car.  These kiddos were exhausted after a super fun mega awesome day.  We are soooo excited for Adam and Emily to get married.  What a huge exciting year to come.  AAAHHH! We can't wait! Congrats to Adam and Emily!

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