Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Book of Mormon for the Second and Third Time

 We gathered our pals once again and told them they must see Book of Mormon with us.  (Remember the first time a couple years ago?)  We made an event of it and spent the night in Chicago that night. 
 Book of Mormon Selfie!! Doesn't it look like the major Oscar selfie?? Ha!

 After the show, we went to Miller's Pub like we did last time.  Here's a shot of the boys!

 Here's a picture of the ladies! You can tell I was the one sitting by the heater.  Phew! It was hot!

 The next day we went shopping on Michigan Avenue. We stopped by Dylan's Candy Bar because CANDY!!! We found this massive gummy bear.  Delish!

During Charlotte's baptism, I was talking about seeing the show again and how everyone needed to see it.  Well I convinced my mom and my aunt to go too. The only time we could go was the very next week.  Ha!
 We tried to make it to the theater for an hour and a half once we got into Chicago.  It was horrible.  Why?? The Polish Constitution Day Parade was going on and blocking traffic!!! GRRR!

 Luckily we came super early and we made it! Book of Mormon selfie!

 Afterward, we ate at The Gage.  I ordered a Manhattan and started my new fave drink. Do you see the size of that ice cube though???

 After dinner, we walked to the bean and took pictures! TRIPLE SELFIE!

 Reverse selfie time! See us in the background??

 I took a pic of the sisters. 

 I tried to take some more but some unruly youth (literally) tumbled right into our shot! They were doing cartwheels or roundoffs or something.  It really turned out to be an awesome shot anyway though!

Gotta get a picture of that skyline!

I can now say I've seen Book of Mormon 3 times.  Yes I nearly have it memorized.  So go see it if you have a chance.  It's great!

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