Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Field Day 2015

The kids had their annual last day of school party, aka Field Day.  (Remember last year? and the year before?  They go outside and do all kinds of fun activities.  The parents are invited to come play and eat lunch with their kiddos.  This year we were both able to go.  It was super cute. 
 Charlotte's class wore Blue for the Dr. Seuss class. 
 Tommy hung with the 1's class (the 1's class absolutely LOVES Tommy) for a bit. 

 This activity was pool noodles, toilet plungers, and kickballs.  Even the teachers didn't know what to do with this.  The kids had a ball though!

 Then Tommy went with the 3's class for his obstacle course.  His class tye-dyed their shirts green.  They are the frogs class. 

 Sack races!

 Watch out Cooper! He's gaining on you!

 Tommy is going to miss Cooper this summer.  But he'll be back this fall again.

 Tommy and Charlotte got to play on the playground while waiting for the bounce house to come open. 

 Then it was time to JUMP!! Check out that height! ;)

 That is literally what he is telling us to do in this picture. 

 Don't forget to slide out!

 Then it was time for popsicles! Even Charlotte and all the parents got one in Tommy's class. 

Did someone say water balloons?? 

Yep, definitely water balloons! Watch out!!

 Then water tables! Turns out, Charlotte can HANG with 4 year olds (most of the kids in the class are already 4 by now).  She had no problem playing with them.  Too funny. 

 These two.  I can't imagine when Tommy has to move on to another school.  What fun they have together.  Slow down, time, please.

One quick story:  We ate lunch on the floor of the gym, all the parents, teachers and kiddos.  Tommy's teacher, Miss Debbie, said, "Tommy, are you having an almond butter and jelly?" He said he was.  She said, "I always ask him if he will let me try it but he never lets me!"
Tommy leaned over to me and said, "I let her smell it once." 
I laughed so hard.  Poor kid was mad that I was laughing because he didn't understand why I thought it was so funny.  He was so serious.  Oh Tommy.  You are hilarious.

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Shiela said...

That made me laugh really hard, too!

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