Monday, June 1, 2015

Charlotte's Baptism

Charlotte got baptized in April and I'm just now sitting down to blog about it.  We waited way too long again for her to be baptized.  She had an opinion and she wasn't afraid to share it! Tiny little newborns are a lot sleepier and less combative.  Oh well.  It made for an eventful baptism.  

Charlotte introduced herself to the priest that would baptize her by flipping him off inadvertently.  (It was definitely time to get her baptized!! :)
So Father Cassian asked us first thing where we thought he was before he came to St. Tom's.  We had no clue.  I guessed New York.  No, he was looking for Indiana University.  Bad start, Father.  Ha! But he was great! He then continued to quiz us on the bible, Catholicism, church traditions, the sacraments, etc, throughout the baptism.   Boy, did I realize how much I really did not know off the top of my head.  But it was extremely informative... and sweat-inducing!

 It's the big moment!! Charlotte did NOT enjoy this.  Lots of screaming.  Such a holy moment. :)  My Aunt Shiela did a WONDERFUL job taking pictures.  I wish I could have included all of them.  They were all so good.  But my computer is being horribly slow so I had to pare down a bit.  :(

 She was anointed with the oils. Do you know which sacraments involve oils?  Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination, and Anointing of the Sick.  I know that NOW anyway.  Ordination was the one we couldn't think of.  Charlotte was not a fan.

I really enjoy this church.  It's so unique and nothing like any other churches I've attended.

During the ceremony, Tommy didn't sit still.  He made use of the space at the front of the church. 

The one key moment I definitely have to document is that when Father Cassian announced she was baptized and everyone could give her a hand, Charlotte turned around and looked at everyone clapping... and started clapping herself.  After whining, crying or screaming through the ceremony, she was clapping all excited.  Father Cassian thought this was the funniest thing ever! He laughed so hard! My Aunt captured the moment perfectly!! Love this picture! 

 Charlotte had a pretty sour face basically until we left the church.  But we got our family photos anyway!

Here's Charlotte with her Godparents, Uncles Brandon and Adam and Aunts Erin and Cait.  Aww! 

 Charlotte's delish red velvet baptism cake! YUM!

 She really did love it! She still has the oils in her hair which is why she looked a bit greasy. ;)

 Then it was time for some bad to the bone Mater driving.  Little holy stinker.

Another awesome pic captured by Shiela that I had to include.  Tommy discovering the backyard.
It was seriously a lovely day to get family together to celebrate this important event.
Happy Baptism, Charlotte!

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