Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Children's Museum Round 2 for the Year

 My mom and I took the kids to the Children's Museum when Andrew was gone.  As soon as we got there, there was a transformers "show" happening so we sat down and watched.  The woman on the right pushed out this car and all the sudden it started to "transform". 
 There was a person in that car!! Amazing! Haha! It was a quick little 15 minute show.  It TERRIFIED Charlotte so my mom took her into the gift shop while the show was happening.  Tommy LOVED it.  His new obsession is transformers so this was right up his alley.  At the end of the show, Megatron's voice played over the speaker like it was talking to Bumblebee (Tommy's fave).  Tommy asked all day long where Megatron was in the museum.  He heard his voice.  He had to be upstairs or something right? :-)

So after the show, we HAD to head straight to the Transformers exhibit.  We tried to convince Tommy to have his picture taken with Optimus Prime but he refused and said he would rather take Grandma's picture with him.  ;-) Grandma was a good sport and now she's on the internet!!! Oh no!!

 Tranformer Tommy and Little Miss Pigtails had a GREAT time playing with all the transformers!

 Then it was time for Lights Camera Action exhibit.  We sat in this movie set golf cart.  Charlotte really thought she was going for a ride.

 Then we played with the costumes.

 These two really love costumes so we spent quite a bit of time here.

 We sat on the movie set and Tommy worked the camera.  Fun!

 Then we switched!

 They also had a little show in this exhibit about different genres. Tommy volunteered to play a part.  They gave him the part of the "Doctor" in the court room scene. 

 The big moment was when the witness points to the doctor and says "HE DID IT! IT WAS DR. BLAHBLAH!"  Everyone in the scene pointed to Tommy when this happened and very dramatic music played...   and Charlotte burst into tears!! Scared the crap out of her!! I thought it was pretty funny.  She got over it quickly. 

 We went to the Hot Wheels exhibit. Who would have thought that putting 1,000 hot wheels in a room with tracks would be so entertaining? It was education and entertaining.  It was my favorite part of the day I think.  But I've always loved hot wheels. 

 Then it was dinosaur time! It was so nice it wasn't busy so we could actually get in to dig up bones this time!

 Then we put on MORE costumes, of course.

 These kids and their costumes! Boy, do they love dressing up!

 Charlotte loved carrying around the dino eggs.

 We had to the ride the carousel!

 We also had to play in the water area.  Also a great exhibit!

 Before we left, we stopped by the gigantic Bumblebee.  Yes, Tommy is posing with his brand new Bumblebee from Grandma. 

Wow, did he have a great day or what? Bumblebee selfie! We can't wait to go back this fall when they have a ninja turtles exhibit!!

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