Saturday, August 22, 2015

First Day of School 2015

 Who's Ready for the First Day of School?????
 These two are!! Their first day of school was August 10th. (Have I ever mentioned that school used to start after my birthday? Well it used to, back in the olden days. :) Anyway, Tommy is moving into Pre-K (learning to read, field trips, homework??? Whaaaa?) and Charlotte is moving into the two's class (potty training, colors, numbers, letters, oh my).  They're growing so fast. 

 Check out their super cute first day of school outfits.  Awww!
This class is for real now for Tommy.  It's kinda crazy.  He had a poster project the second week! Make a poster for homework? What's next, a powerpoint presentation?? Yikes!

So here's the poster.  The project was make a poster to show why you're special. It was pretty open ended.  This is what we came up with.  I had Tommy pick the pictures. He picked out and put on stickers.  We only had Elmers glue (no glue stick) so we intervened with the gluing.  There was still glue EVERYWHERE.
It was really hard to let go and let him do it.  He wanted to write his name in the middle in pink crayon. He did but you couldn't read the letters on the dark poster board so I offered to cut out letters.  That did not go well.  But he was having a bad day.  The next morning, I showed him the letters I cut out and he was totally excited and glued them on himself (with a teeny bit of a OCD mom help ;-) I thought the poster turned out great! It cracks me up that he put all the stickers in one spot.  Super cute. He's got an eye for design, I think.  Don't you?? ;-)

Tommy LOVES his new class and new teacher.  He is also glad Cooper is back from summer vacation.  He barely says bye when we drop him off.  It makes me really happy that he loves it so much. 

Charlotte, on the other hand, is going through a separation anxiety stage with her new class. :( Drop offs are not going well right now.  She's also having trouble following classroom rules.  I hope it gets better quickly. I remember Tommy having trouble at this age too. It's only been two weeks so hopefully she comes around and gets used to the new class very quickly. Potty training was going well at the very first few tries but now she's not interested anymore.  She's not even two!  Hopefully she's show interest in doing that sometime soon too. 

Wish them luck on a great new school year!

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