Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Vacation 2015 Day 4!

Catch up with Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.
We readied ourselves for another day at the park.  Before we left the hotel, we stopped by the lobby to see Snoopy.
Charlotte loved "Oopy"! But she wouldn't go too close to him. Tommy was a big fan!

Of course when there was an Oopy that wasn't moving, she was all hugs.

We took a quick family pic on the walk to the park. Everyone was in it this time! Oh wait, Tommy was hiding.

 Now you can finally see everyone! Yay!

The first ride we wanted to go on was the Gatekeeper.  It was definitely one of my top two rides. Incredible design.  Here's a chance to see it for yourself...

Lilli and I rode on the left side.  So very cool.

The next coaster we checked out was the Raptor.  Also a great ride but when we came back to the station, we sat on the coaster for like 10 minutes. Hence the picture above.  They shut down the ride and we were the last ones to go on it.  It became a joke by the end of the trip.  Every ride we went on would shut down after we got off (or in this case, while we were on it). We left quite a wake of destruction.

Andrew went back to the room and took babysitting nap duty while I went on rides on day 4.  We rode the Top Thrill Dragster which was another of my favorites.  So maybe I'll make it a top 3.  Dragster, Gatekeeper, and the classic Millennium. 

We rode the Power Tower.  We rode it where they shoot you up and we also rode the side where they drop you. Both super fun but not top 3. 

After a full afternoon of rides we came back to the hotel and enjoyed post-naptime on the beach.  Tommy loves loves LOVES the beach. Super Tommy, that is.

Charlotte "had the time of her life".  She is really good at that lift.  Every time he picks her up, she goes full on pointed toe straight body lift.  A natural talent!

Gotta love those GoPro pictures.  Would it be weird to buy a GoPro just for taking pictures of what your kids do every day? I think those would be quite exciting pictures. :)

I'm surprised we were able to convince Tommy to leave the beach.  He couldn't get enough.

We went back to the park that night. We watched the Dragster take off many many times.  I had to post this picture.  Cedar Point's marketing is pretty on point.

Tommy rode on quite a few rides. This was one of the big rides he got to go on for his height.  The Eagles!

He went with Dada the first time.  He loves being able to control the "sail".

He went with me the second time.  He loved it!

We closed the park down with the Skyhawk at the end of the night.  We rode it 3 times in a row.  Another amazing ride.  Did I mention it was steam powered?? Such a neat idea. Charlotte cried every time we didn't get off the ride.  Poor kiddo. So we got a selfie with Oopy to make her feel better.

It was the last day at America's Roller Coast.  Tomorrow we were heading home! :(

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