Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lake Weekend Plus Birthday

 The weekend before my birthday, we planned a trip to go out on Lake Wawasee.  We packed up Friday morning and headed out. 

 The kids decided they wanted to dress themselves that day. Charlotte chose to turn my High School State Champs t-shirt into a dress.  Nice work, Char! Project Runway, here you come!

 Tommy decided to don his Captain America costume.  Yep, we took him to lunch at Sonic wearing that.  He was a big hit!

We arrived in Syracuse and hit the beach.  This is the best little beach and they have paddleboards and kayaks available for anyone staying there to use.

 We had both kids out on the boards/kayaks.  They loved it. 

 Don't fall!

 Tommy made some sand angels.  He was a sandy mess!

 We got the boat in the water and took it to the Channel Marker for dinner.  Late night boat cruises are the best.  Oh wait, I forgot about the bugs.  Blech.  But other than that, they are great. :)

 The next morning, this was my lake view.  Hello, cutie! Hello, lake!

 My parents, Adam, and Emily took the boat out early in the morning for smooth wakeboarding water.  We joined them later.  My boat selfies are not on point.  ;-)
 Charlotte took a turn driving.

 Tommy floated on the tube at the sandbar.

 So did Grandma and Charlotte.  Sun queens!

 Tommy rode behind the boat on the tube.

 He hated it.  Andrew loved it! Just kidding.  He was just glad it was over.

However, it was not over.  Adam and Andrew rode the tube all the way back to the hotel.  Boy, was he sore!
Not quite the spring chicken he used to be. :)

 Charlotte was ready for a boat break at that point so she went up to the room with Tommy, Gaga, and Pop, and they had naptime. 

 We continued boating and saw a dude on a water jet pack or aqua flyer or whatever it might be called.  For a cool $100 grand, you can do this too!!

 Instead we surfed behind the boat and drank beer.  I also surfed but I don't have any pictures.  Waaahh waaahhh. :)

Here's a video of Uncle Adam's beer roll that Andrew caught on camera. 
A video posted by Andrew (@athornburg462) on

Later that night, we went to the bar and I somehow ended up with this picture on my phone the next day.  In fact, there were about 20 of them.  Thanks, guys! ;)

On Monday, after we got back, it was officially my birthday.  I got to hit up my favorite places, Target, the mall, 9 Irish Brothers and Red Lobster.  At Red Lobster, we took selfies. 

 I had to get a pic of the boys too!

 Then it was time for a mom/kids selfie.  Looks about right...

 Nope, that's more like it!

Even my car wished me happy birthday!

It was a wonderful birthday weekend.  Lots of fun and celebration!

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